Where I Stand – Week 1 – 2020

Wellington is where I have always lived.

Zealandia has become my place to go in Wellington for a restorative walk – or just to sit, or stand, and reflect.

I also love hunting out the native birds and other New Zealand wildlife there and capturing their images with my camera. This is one of the ways I celebrate Zealandia’s ecological restoration journey.

If you look closely in my photo there is a Tuatara poking out of the burrow it has found (made?) under the concrete. Apart from the birds the Tuatara is my favourite animal in Zealandia.

I am currently on holiday out of town without some of my gear, so the photo is from my library (2014), but most photos I post for the challenge will be current.

#artofbirding2020 #aob2020week1

This is a repost of my entry for this week in the Art of Birding Wildlife & Nature Photography Challenge 2020