From my base in Wellington (New Zealand) I build trust-based relationships which deliver results. I do so in both governance and professional contexts.

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I am Board Chair of Newlands College – which is a secondary school in suburban Wellington with over 1,000 students and over 100 staff. I have been a board member since 2011 and Chair since 2016. From 2012 to 2015 I was Deputy Chair and also led the Board’s strategy and policy committee. I am proud to have led our Board, and helped lead the school, to ensure we have the people and processes in place to focus on student achievement – particularly during a time of challenge for education. My leadership style has been to mould our board into a high performing and engaged group; while also evolving our board membership to be increasingly diverse and representative of our community.

I am also seeking other governance roles to build my governance career.


Professionally I am an Engagement Manager for Davanti – which involves leading the delivery of projects for key clients, while also being a key member of the account team managing our company’s relationship with those clients.

I have an extensive and enduring record as a Project Manager who leads projects from inception to successful completion.

My focus is leading information technology systems projects – typically using Salesforce as a platform – to enable business change.

My leadership style is to focus on the people aspects of my projects – those doing the project, those sponsoring the project and those affected by the project.

Human centred design principles are used to ensure systems are adopted, used well and enable the change our clients are seeking.

Davanti prefer to use agile methods but can blend in aspects of more traditional waterfall methods if needed.